Speaker Johnson Presses Forward With $95B Aid Bill Amid GOP Rift

House Speaker Mike Johnson is moving forward with plans to pass a $95 billion foreign aid package despite opposition from some conservatives. The aid package includes support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan and also includes a provision for the social media platform TikTok to divest from China within a year. President Biden has endorsed the package.

Some House Republicans are against the proposal and are threatening to try to oust Mr. Johnson over it. They want changes to the legislation and to link U.S. border security provisions with Ukraine funding. Some Republicans argue for a separate bill providing aid for Israel and shifting other government funding to cover the cost of the Ukraine aid.

Mr. Johnson’s opponents argue that the aid package won’t pass the Senate and are urging him to make changes, but he has made no moves to alter the legislative package. Due to Republican opposition and the party’s slim majority, Mr. Johnson won’t be able to pass the bill without help from Democrats. Democrats are using this leverage to push for additional concessions.

Mr. Johnson has faced criticism from conservatives who say he has caved to the Democratic-led Senate on spending, border security, and other Republican priorities. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is threatening to bring up a motion to oust Mr. Johnson from his leadership post, and at least one other Republican lawmaker has expressed support for the motion.

The foreign aid package and talk of removing Mr. Johnson has divided House Republicans and escalated tensions among lawmakers. Some lawmakers are frustrated with Mr. Johnson for backing off from a pledge to link the Ukraine spending with provisions to secure the southern border. These tensions have led to name-calling and infighting among House Republicans.

It is clear that the aid package and the potential ousting of Mr. Johnson have caused division and turmoil within the House. The situation is ongoing, and it remains to be seen how it will be resolved.

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