Squad Slams Israel, Pushes Biden’s Buttons on Policy

In the midst of the recent coordinated attack by Hamas militants, the far-left “Squad” in Congress wasted no time in urging Israel to exercise restraint in their military response. These Squad members, led by Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri and Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, have long been known for their aggressively pro-Palestinian viewpoints. Bush boldly stated that the U.S. must end its support for Israeli military occupation and apartheid, while Omar lamented the lack of protection for Palestinians in Gaza, pointing out the absence of shelters or an iron dome like Israel has.

These statements from the Squad highlight the intense pressure being exerted on President Biden from within his own party as he navigates this foreign policy crisis. While Biden did express support for Israel’s right to defend itself and its people, the Squad members were quick to emphasize the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza, the very group responsible for the surprise attack on Israel.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, another member of the Squad, echoed these sentiments, calling for an immediate ceasefire and de-escalation to save lives. However, Israel has made it clear that they see themselves at war and have vowed to retaliate against Hamas. The situation has become even more complex with the news that Hamas has taken hostages, including American citizens.

As tensions escalate, the divide within the Democratic Party regarding this issue becomes increasingly evident. While the Squad pushes for a pro-Palestinian stance and calls for de-escalation, President Biden remains firm in his support for Israel. The coming days will undoubtedly test Biden’s ability to navigate these internal pressures and find a resolution to this crisis.

Written by Staff Reports

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