Sunny Hostin Shocks All: Backs Trump-Boosting Court Ruling on The View!

The sizzling hot topic on today’s episode of The View centered around the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding former President Donald Trump’s eligibility to run in all 50 states. Sunny Hostin, one of the show’s co-hosts, stunned the audience by expressing agreement with the decision. What a twist! Whoopi Goldberg’s announcement of the unanimous ruling drew groans from the crowd, but Hostin stood her ground, declaring it the right call.

In a surprising move, Hostin not only sided with the court’s decision but also lauded the “dissent” from liberal justices like Sotomayor, Kagan, and Jackson. While the ruling was unanimous, Hostin made sure to highlight the minority opinion that differed. It seems like Hostin has a knack for seeing both sides of the coin, even if it goes against the typical liberal stance.

Despite being a self-proclaimed legal eagle with her Supreme Court and bar admissions, Hostin critiqued the broad scope of the ruling, arguing that it should have been more narrowly focused. Her disappointment in what she perceived as a partisan leaning among the justices was palpable. It’s no surprise that the liberal co-hosts on The View were split on the issue, but Hostin’s unexpected agreement with the conservative-leaning ruling added an intriguing dynamic to the discussion.

In the world of politics and law, it’s not often we see a liberal pundit like Hostin break ranks and offer support for a decision that benefits a conservative figure like Trump. While the audience may have been taken aback by Hostin’s stance, it goes to show that true intellectual honesty transcends party lines. Who knows what other surprises await us on future episodes of The View? Stay tuned for more fiery debates and unexpected revelations!

Written by Staff Reports

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