Super Bowl Win: White Supremacy Plots Exposed by Cal State Prof!

In a bizarre twist of events, a so-called “professor” at Cal State University has managed to link the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win to…wait for it…white supremacy! Yes, you heard it right. Melina Abdullah, who fancies herself as a “#BlackLivesMatter organizer, Pan-Africanist, truth-teller, mama,” decided to rain on the Super Bowl parade with claims that the Chiefs’ victory was all just a big “right-wing, white supremacist conspiracy.” Oh, the lengths some people will go to push their radical agenda.

Abdullah didn’t stop there. She also took aim at innocent Taylor Swift fans, questioning, “Why do I feel like it’s slightly racist to be a Taylor Swift fan?” It seems like everything in Abdullah’s world revolves around race. Liking a pop star or celebrating a sports victory is now somehow a sinister act of white supremacy in her eyes. What’s next, brushing your teeth is a covert op to uphold systemic racism?

And if you thought Abdullah’s race-obsessed rants couldn’t get any more outlandish, she even went as far as to declare that white people are unwelcome at “Juneteenth cookouts.” That’s right, folks. According to her, celebrating freedom for Black Americans should be all about excluding those who have a different skin color. Talk about spreading unity and understanding, huh? It’s no wonder she believes virtually everything is racist. In Abdullah’s world, the sky is racist, the grass is racist, heck, even the air we breathe is probably racist!

It’s clear that Abdullah’s radical views are not just a product of her own making. With a family history that includes union organizing and Marxism, it’s no wonder she sees everything through the lens of oppression and division. While it’s one thing to fight for legitimate causes of justice and equality, it’s quite another to twist innocent events like a Super Bowl victory into a supposed display of white supremacy. Perhaps it’s time for Abdullah to take a step back, breathe some non-racist air, and realize that not everything is a grand conspiracy against her preferred narrative.

Written by Staff Reports

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