Supreme Court Backs Biden, Betrays Border Security Efforts

In a move that has sparked outrage among conservatives, the Supreme Court has sided with President Joe Biden in his battle against Texas’ efforts to secure the southern border. Texas had taken the drastic measure of erecting barbed wire near the city of Eagle Pass to control the wave of illegal migration plaguing the state. However, the Supreme Court has now decided that Border Patrol agents are allowed to cut the wire while the legal battle continues. It’s a decision that many view as unthinkable and a blow to Governor Abbott’s efforts to protect the state’s borders.

The Biden administration has been waging a legal war with Texas over who has the authority to secure the border. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had previously issued an injunction to prevent the federal government from removing the barbed wire, but the Supreme Court’s ruling now overturns that injunction. Surprisingly, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Coney Barrett, both appointed by Republicans, joined the liberal appointees to quash the injunction. It’s a disappointing display of judicial activism that undermines the safety and security of the American people.

Not surprisingly, the Biden administration and their spokespersons are celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision. They claim that the barbed wire is merely a political stunt by Texas and hinders the work of frontline personnel. But let’s be real here – placing barbed wire is a sensible and necessary measure to protect our borders. Texas is not engaging in political theater; they are taking action to defend their property and uphold their constitutional authority. Governor Abbott has made it clear that he will not back down, and he will continue to fight for Texas’ right to secure the border.

In a stunning show of support for Texas, Republican Congressman Clay Higgins has called on Governor Abbott to defy the Supreme Court ruling. He recognizes that this is a battle for the sovereignty of our nation and advises Texas to stand their ground. It’s refreshing to see a lawmaker with the courage to challenge the overreach of the judiciary and take a stand for what is right. We need more leaders like Congressman Higgins who will fight for the rights of the American people and our constitutional principles.

Despite the Supreme Court’s disappointing ruling, Texas is not backing down. Epoch Times correspondent Charlotte Cuthbertson has shared footage on social media showing personnel in Texas putting up more wire. It’s a powerful image that symbolizes Texas’ unwavering commitment to securing the border. While the legal battle is far from over, it’s clear that the state of Texas is not willing to compromise when it comes to protecting its citizens from the relentless flow of illegal migration.

The Supreme Court’s decision to side with President Biden is a blow to the conservative fight for border security. It validates the Biden administration’s lax approach to illegal immigration and undermines the efforts of states like Texas that are bearing the brunt of this crisis. It’s a sad day for those who value the rule of law and the safety of our nation. But rest assured, the fight is not over. Texas will continue to stand tall and defend its borders, no matter what obstacles are thrown in their way. And conservatives across the country will stand with them, united in the pursuit of a secure, sovereign, and lawful America.

Written by Staff Reports

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