GOP Chair’s Dirty Play to Block Kari Lake Revealed!

In a shocking twist, it has been alleged that the Arizona Republican Party Chair Jeff DeWit tried to sway GOP Senate candidate Kari Lake from running last year. According to reports, a conversation between the two was recorded and published by the U.K. Daily Mail, revealing DeWit’s trying to dissuade Lake from throwing her hat in the ring.

In the audio clip, a man, confirmed to be DeWit, can be heard suggesting that powerful individuals did not want to see Lake in the race. He went on to propose that she wait for two years and even offered her an undisclosed sum of money, which he claimed would make her happy and would come from people “back east.”

Lake promptly declined the offer, and a heated exchange ensued. The man believed to be DeWit refused to disclose the identities of the individuals who wanted Lake to stay out of the race, and advised her not to divulge the conversation.

Lake, visibly taken aback by the conversation, stood her ground and refused to be swayed, emphasizing that she did not want to make deals with such people. She expressed her resolve, stating, “This is a hill worth dying on.”

Furthermore, Lake recalled an earlier attempt to bribe her out of politics and highlighted the corrupt and disgusting nature of such political tactics. She emphasized that this underhanded approach was a testament to the fear her presence in politics instilled in certain powerful individuals.






Written by Staff Reports

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