Supreme Court Crushes Anti-Trump 14th Amendment Fiasco: Cheers for Kavanaugh & Thomas!

The Supreme Court Justices had a field day tearing apart the absurd argument that former President Donald Trump should be kept off the ballot in Colorado because of an alleged violation of the 14th Amendment. Come on, people! Trump hasn’t been charged with, let alone convicted of, insurrection. It’s just another desperate attempt by liberals to undermine the will of the people and erase Trump from history.

Even the usually liberal Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ketanji Brown Jackson seemed skeptical of Colorado’s case. I mean, when even the lefties have their doubts, you know the argument must be weak. It’s refreshing to see some common sense from the bench for once.

And let’s talk about our conservative heroes on the Court. Brett Kavanaugh didn’t waste any time in questioning the undemocratic nature of Colorado’s position. He rightly pointed out that disenfranchising voters goes against the very essence of our democracy. Thank you, Justice Kavanaugh, for speaking up against this travesty.

Clarence Thomas had the opposing attorney scrambling for examples of other presidential candidates being removed from ballots for 14th Amendment violations. Surprise, surprise, there were none! It’s clear that Colorado’s argument is flimsier than a house of cards in a windstorm.

Chief Justice John Roberts hit the nail on the head when he highlighted the dangerous precedent this case sets. If Trump is removed from the ballot in Colorado, what’s stopping other states from doing the same to future candidates? It’s a slippery slope that goes against the purpose and history of the 14th Amendment. Kudos to Roberts for foreseeing the potential chaos that could ensue.

But here’s the kicker: the Justices didn’t even seem interested in discussing the events of January 6th. Instead, they focused on the Civil War and the intent of the 14th Amendment. It’s almost as if they know that this case is nothing more than a political stunt meant to distract from real issues facing our nation.

In the end, it seems unlikely that the Court will rule in Colorado’s favor. The Justices asked tough questions that exposed the weakness of their argument. I can’t help but hope that the Court sees through this nonsense and tosses the case out with the contempt it deserves. Let’s move on and focus on real issues rather than wasting everyone’s time with these ridiculous attempts to erase Trump from the political landscape.

Written by Staff Reports

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