Supreme Court Crushes Ghost Guns: Biden Rules Win!

The Supreme Court, in a development that might provoke discontent among gun enthusiasts, has issued an order requiring two online vendors of gun components to adhere to a regulation implemented during the Biden administration that specifically targets the notorious "ghost guns." Due to the absence of serial numbers, these firearms are notoriously difficult to trace, making them a favored among those who wish to remain undetected. This order is subsequent to a previous court intervention in which it upheld the regulation's validity notwithstanding its invalidation by a subordinate court.

The regulation, which underwent an amendment during the Biden administration, expands the federal legal definition of a firearm to encompass incomplete components, including long gun receivers and handgun frames. Serial numbers and licenses are now required for these components to facilitate monitoring. Furthermore, similar to commercially produced firearms, manufacturers are presently obligated to perform background checks prior to finalizing a transaction.

In her written argument, the administration's chief Supreme Court attorney, Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, emphasized the significance of this regulation. The speaker emphasized that ghost firearms will remain readily available to individuals possessing a credit card and an internet connection, adding that "no background check [will be] required."

Two organizations—Blackhawk Manufacturing Group and Defense Distributed—are impacted by this order. Nevertheless, other manufacturers of firearm components, according to the administration's filing, also sought comparable court orders.

It is important to note that although this order will remain in force during the administration's appeal to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans against the judge's ruling, further developments regarding this matter are possible. Should the Supreme Court elect to consider the case, it could potentially possess ultimate authority over the subject. In the interim, the regulation remains in effect, and phantom gun enthusiasts may need to find an alternative pastime.

Written by Staff Reports

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