Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Trump, Challenges Special Counsel Smith

Former President Donald Trump is back in the news with a victory celebration, as the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that must have left special counsel Jack Smith in a bind. With his trusty Truth Social account, Trump delivered a verbal smackdown to Smith, painting him as a pawn in what he alleges is Joe Biden’s politically motivated vendetta.

The Supreme Court made it clear on Monday—presidents have absolute immunity for actions that qualify as official duties. Trump wasted no time declaring that the high court gave Smith a “high-level spanking,” further branding him as “Deranged Jack Smith.” For those keeping score at home, the ruling was a solid 6-3 along the predictable ideological lines.

Chief Justice John Roberts tossed the ball back to the lower courts, tasking them with sorting out which of Trump’s actions are protected by this presidential immunity. Trump’s camp argues that his activities surrounding the 2020 election fall squarely within his rights and duties as President. 


Of course, Trump wasn’t just satisfied with a legal win. He also took aim at Smith’s “real bosses” over at the Justice Department, including Attorney General Merrick Garland. According to Trump, Garland’s once-stellar reputation is now tarnished beyond recognition, thanks to the so-called “thugs” running the perpetual witch hunt against him. Trump even went so far as to suggest Garland should end this “never-ending hoax” and help restore America’s greatness.

Trump’s legal woes are far from over, with two criminal cases related to the 2020 election efforts—one federal case with Smith in Washington, and another state case in Georgia from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. He’s also entangled in a federal case in Florida concerning classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, not to mention his conviction in New York earlier this year for falsifying business records.

In the grand theater of American politics, this Supreme Court decision adds another dramatic twist, leaving conservatives cheering and liberals seething. The saga continues, and it seems that the former President is far from stepping out of the spotlight.

Written by Staff Reports

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