Supreme Court Shatters Liberal Myths with Diverse and Reasoned Decisions

The Supreme Court is once again the centerpiece of liberal drama. Unsurprisingly, the narrative of it being a “rogue, right-wing machine out to destroy America” took a nosedive today. Instead of controversial rulings, the court unleashed decisions that shattered the myth of a monolith majority with lasers set on ending democracy.

Three pivotal decisions arrived today, none of which held the infamous 5-4 divide liberals love to whine about. Instead, diverse coalitions within the court gave their takes. The so-called “hopelessly ideologically divided court” demonstrated otherwise. The first case, Moore v. U.S., was a 7-2 ruling about good ol’ taxation powers. The court decided that taxpayers holding shares in foreign corporations could be constitutionally required to pay a one-time tax on their share of profits. Justice Thomas, with his sharp words, didn’t buy the decision entirely, hinting that the majority avoided a dicey “wealth tax” issue with a clever dodge. Liberals will have to pause on their wealth tax dream for now.

Next up was Chiaverini v. City of Napoleon, Ohio. This Fourth Amendment case about malicious prosecution saw a 6-3 decision led by none other than Justice Kagan. She held that probable cause for one charge doesn’t automatically torpedo a Fourth Amendment claim for another, baseless charge. Chief Justice Roberts, alongside Kavanaugh and Barrett, lent their support. There goes the consistent majority again, showing real diversity beyond the Left’s shallow understanding of the term.

Finally, Diaz v. U.S. brought another nail into the coffin of the liberal mantra. The court tackled whether expert testimony about general mental states applies to federal evidentiary rules. Justice Thomas penned the majority’s opinion while Gorsuch, Sotomayor, and Kagan dissented together. Once again, the court didn’t toe any single ideological line but instead offered a nuanced perspective that left the liberal critics grumbling and gnawing at their thumbtacks.

This obsession the Left has with the Supreme Court borders on the psychotic, akin to Glenn Close’s role in Fatal Attraction. It’s laughable to see their freak-outs, especially when they lose control of their cherished institutions. When they can’t push through legislation in Congress, they count on the courts to do their legislative bidding. Failing that, they launch endless campaigns against figures like Justice Thomas over fanciful ethics violations that never stick — a sad display of how desperate they’ve become to claw back power.

Liberal politicians like Liz Warren, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Chris Murphy crowed over a non-issue with secret Supreme Court Historical Society recordings. These nothings were hailed as revolutionary finds, though they resembled less Nixon’s tapes and more your average dinner table conversation. The journalist behind the “scoop”, who compromised her morals for a nebulous greater good, was celebrated. This, right there, exposes the Left’s game plan: smearing and undermining the very institution that holds their radical agenda in check.

So, as the Left’s dream of a rogue, right-wing court collapses, let’s just appreciate the spectacle of their meltdown for what it truly is: pure, unrefined desperation. With such a solid record of delivering reasoned and multifaceted decisions, it’s clear who’s really losing the plot here, and it isn’t the Supreme Court.

Written by Staff Reports

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