Supreme Court Shuts Down Dems’ Latest Anti-Trump Scheme: Unanimous Victory!

The Democratic Party just can’t seem to catch a break, and the hits keep on coming! In a stunning blow on Monday, the Supreme Court delivered a knockout punch that left them reeling.

Colorado’s Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, had been trying for months to boot Donald Trump off the ballot under the guise of some bogus “insurrection” charge. But the Supreme Court wasn’t having any of that nonsense. In a unanimous decision, they shut down her power trip and ruled that she couldn’t just make up rules as she went along.

Naturally, Griswold ran straight to her safe space on MSNBC to cry about it. Because where else would a liberal politician go to whine about a fair and square defeat?

Kudos to Curtis Houck from Newsbusters for sparing us the agony of listening to Griswold’s melodramatic speech. The last thing we needed was a headache from her delusions of grandeur.

Let’s be real here, claiming to be the savior of democracy while trying to silence your political opponents is just plain crazy. Democrats love to preach about fairness and democracy, but their actions speak louder than words. Griswold’s power grab was nothing short of authoritarian, and thank goodness the Supreme Court stepped in to set her straight.

A Secretary of State’s job is to run elections, not spout off about their personal political beliefs. Griswold clearly doesn’t understand the concept of impartiality and should think about a career change.

Attacking Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for a unanimous decision? Talk about grasping at straws. Maybe Griswold should take a good, hard look in the mirror before throwing around baseless accusations.

In the end, Griswold’s antics are nothing short of nutty. Trying to block citizens from voting for their preferred candidate in the name of “saving democracy” is just plain dangerous. If anyone is a threat to democracy, it’s Griswold and her power-hungry cronies.

Written by Staff Reports

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