DA Expose: Witness Exposes Cozy Affair, Threatens $700K Trump Case!

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis hit a major roadblock on Monday with new revelations that threaten to turn her case upside down. One of the defendants in Willis’ RICO case has bravely stepped forward, offering to spill the beans on some shocking info, if the disqualification hearing gets a redo. This bombshell witness is ready to spill the tea that Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade were cozying up all the way back in 2019, directly contradicting what they swore under oath. Yikes!

So, it turns out that the defense team for the former Georgia Republican Party bigwig David Shafer had a chitchat with Cobb County’s Chief Deputy District Attorney Cindi Lee Yeager. And guess what? She’s got the goods! Yeager spilled the beans that she knows all about the hush-hush relationship between Willis and Wade dating back to 2019. Ooh, scandalous!

What’s even juicier is that Yeager heard it straight from the horse’s mouth – Terrence Bradley, Wade’s ex-law partner spilled the beans to her during their pow-wows from August 2023 to January 2024. Bradley spilled the tea that Wade and Willis were more than just colleagues, with sparks flying between them as early as 2019. Say what?! This bombshell totally undermines Wade and Willis’ claims that things only got romantic after Wade was brought in to work on the case. And can you believe Wade raked in over $700,000 taxpayer dollars for his sleuthing on the Trump case? Outrageous!

But hold on, there’s more to this sizzling drama! Bradley didn’t stop there – he spilled the beans to Yeager about the secret rendezvous between Wade and Willis, including sneaky visits to former office employee Robin Yeartie’s pad. Yeartie previously spilled that the beans that the lovey-dovey stuff between Wade and Willis started way back in 2021. Uh-oh, seems like the timeline’s all messed up now!

And if that ain’t enough, Yeager spilled the real tea that Bradley got a scandalous call in September 2023 from none other than District Attorney Willis herself. She warned Bradley to keep mum about their shenanigans when the press came sniffing around about Wade’s hefty paycheck. Talk about a hot mess!

The cherry on top? Legal eagle Phil Holloway is sounding the alarm, calling this whole mess a big, fat fraud! The judge, Scott McAffee, ain’t letting Willis off the hook easy, with a decision looming in the next two weeks. Looks like Willis might need more than luck to wiggle out of this sticky situation!

Written by Staff Reports

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