Supreme Court Throws Curveball at Biden’s 2024 Abortion Strategy

Joe Biden’s hopes for a smooth re-election in 2024 were given a headache by the Supreme Court this week when they hinted at protecting access to the abortion pill. The justices seemed ready to put a kink in Biden’s plans, much to the chagrin of his team who were probably expecting a different outcome. It’s a tough blow for Biden, who seems to rely heavily on scaring voters with exaggerated tales of abortion restrictions to win support.

Desperate Democrats were hoping for a repeat of the 2022 midterms where things unexpectedly swung their way when the Supreme Court made a groundbreaking decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Biden has been loud and clear about his strategy, even going so far as to warn the Supreme Court about underestimating the power of women during his recent State of the Union address. But it looks like the court may not be playing along.

During the recent discussions around the abortion pill, the justices seemed wary of the challengers’ arguments, hinting that the case might be blown out of proportion. Conservative voices on the court, like Neil Gorsuch, expressed concerns about the challengers’ lack of valid reasons for their case, hinting that it may not hold up to scrutiny.

Biden’s strategy of using abortion as a scare tactic might be hitting its limits. With pressing issues like a struggling economy and rising crime rates, focusing so heavily on abortion might not be the winning card Biden had hoped for. Even in conservative states like Ohio, where voters approved enshrining abortion rights in the state constitution, the issue remains contentious.

If the Supreme Court ultimately decides to leave the abortion pill alone, Biden could find himself in a tricky spot. Praising an institution that he has frequently criticized as biased towards Trump could backfire on him. The Supreme Court’s stance shows that Biden’s fear-mongering tactics might not be as effective as he had hoped, and that his attacks on the court’s integrity might not hold water.

Written by Staff Reports

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