Tax Dollars Going to Love Connections & Baby-Making? Pentagon’s Latest Liberal Madness!

You see, certain military hospitals already offer fertility treatments to married troops, but now they want to expand that coverage to unmarried service members. They want to throw out the requirement that recipients be married and even allow the use of donor eggs or sperm. It’s like they think the military is a dating service or something!

Of course, advocates are claiming that the Pentagon’s existing policy discriminated against same-sex couples and single troops. They’re always playing the victim card, aren’t they? But let’s be real here – the military should be focused on defending our country, not helping people find their soulmates or start a family. That’s what dating websites and fertility clinics are for!

And get this – the National Organization for Women and some so-called veterans’ legal clinics have actually sued the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs over this policy. They’re alleging that it violates the Affordable Care Act, which apparently bans sex-based discrimination. Seriously? I thought the military was supposed to be above political correctness. Apparently not anymore!

But don’t worry, folks, there’s some hope on the horizon. The VA is reviewing its policy in light of the Pentagon’s planned changes. Maybe they’ll come to their senses and realize that the military should be focused on defending our country, not providing fertility treatments. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Look, I’m all for equal treatment and fairness, but there have to be limits. The military’s purpose is not to be a social experiment or a fertility clinic. It’s about protecting our nation and keeping us safe. So, let’s leave the matchmaking and baby-making to the civilians and let our brave men and women in uniform focus on what they do best – defending our freedom!

Written by Staff Reports

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