Taxpayers Foot $4.5 Million Bill for Hunter Biden’s Malibu Security

The government spent a lot of money guarding Hunter Biden at his Malibu house. The Secret Service agents who protected him used over $4.5 million in a single year. They bought things and paid for costs like hotel rooms. A special request made it possible to see how the money was spent.

Some of the expenses included rental cars for the agents watching Hunter. They spent a whopping $632,071 on them. The house next to Hunter’s was where the agents stayed, and it cost $30,000 a month. It had a lot of cool things like six bedrooms, a pool, a tasting room, a gym, and a BBQ spot. The villa was worth around six million dollars and had a castle-like tower.

It took the Secret Service about two years to show the records because they were very slow. During this time, Hunter Biden was in the news a lot for his legal problems. He is facing a federal tax case and a court case about lying to buy a gun. The Secret Service was involved in this gun issue, too.

The government money was used for many things, and the list did not include the agents’ salaries. In total, it was over $4.5 million. The records had receipts from big shops like Home Depot and Amazon. They bought things like cameras and materials. The agents even used parking at an airport near Washington, D.C.

It is not right that so much money was spent on protecting Hunter Biden at his fancy house. The government should be more careful with taxpayers’ money. It is important to keep an eye on how money is spent, especially when it comes to people like Hunter Biden, who have been in trouble with the law. The Secret Service needs to be more responsible when using public funds.

Written by Staff Reports

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