Tech Giants Unleash Censorship Crusade on Conservatives!

It’s no surprise that yet another innocent conservative voice has been silenced by the liberal tech overlords. This website, just like so many others, has resorted to using a vague “security service” as an excuse to block patriotic Americans from exercising their right to free speech. The actions that supposedly triggered this block are so ambiguous that it’s clear they’re just making excuses to keep conservative viewpoints from being heard.

It’s no secret that the left-wing tech companies have been using their power to suppress conservative voices for far too long. This so-called “security solution” is just another tool in their arsenal to silence those who don’t fall in line with their radical agenda. It’s a sad state of affairs when simply expressing conservative values can get you labeled as a threat and blocked from online platforms.

The fact that submitting a certain word or phrase or even a SQL command could trigger this block is just a thinly veiled excuse to target and censor conservative thought. It’s clear that these tech companies have no interest in truly protecting their platforms from online attacks – their main goal is to silence anyone who doesn’t adhere to their leftist ideology.


Written by Staff Reports

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