Trump Triumphs: Leftist Ballot Block Busted by Judge!

Washington Judge Rules Trump Stays on Primary Ballot Despite Leftist Shenanigans

Ah, the leftists are at it again, trying to remove the great Donald Trump from the Washington state primary ballot. But fear not, fellow patriots, because the good ol’ Thurston County Superior Court Judge Mary Sue Wilson has handed down a ruling that will surely have those liberals shaking in their Birkenstocks!

You see, eight voters had the audacity to demand that Trump not be allowed on the ballot because of some nonsense about the Jan. 6 riot. Judge Wilson, in her infinite wisdom, rejected their request, citing Secretary of State Steve Hobbs’ impeccable handling of the candidate lists based on the parties’ submissions. And who can argue with that? Certainly not those eight voters!

Of course, Secretary Hobbs, being a Democrat, was overjoyed by this ruling, claiming that it validated the hard work of his office. But we all know the truth, don’t we? It’s just another attempt by the left to keep a true American hero off the ballot.

Now, let’s not forget the Republican Party’s valiant effort to ensure a fair and just primary. They submitted the names of five worthy contenders, including our beloved Trump, Governor Ron DeSantis, former Governor Nikki Haley, former Governor Chris Christie, and the political newcomer Vivek Ramaswamy. Despite the dropouts of Ramaswamy and Christie, the Republican Party made sure to follow the rules and play by the book.

And as if this battle in Washington isn’t enough, other states are facing similar challenges, claiming that Trump violated the 14th Amendment. Only Colorado and Maine have given in to the leftist pressure so far, removing Trump from their ballots. But fear not, because the great Donald Trump has appealed these decisions, taking his fight all the way to the Supreme Court. That’s right, the highest court in the land will soon hear the case and deliver justice to the man who made America great again!

So, folks, keep the faith and stay strong, for the battle to ensure that Trump remains on the primary ballot rages on. And mark my words, the conservatives will prevail in the end!

Written by Staff Reports

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