Ted Lieu Spins Wild Tales on MSNBC About Biden Win and Democrat Landslide

Representative Ted Lieu from California never disappoints in his dedication to the Democratic National Committee’s talking points. One must give credit where it’s due; the man can spin a tale without flinching, even if it means trotting out to friendly territory like MSNBC to do it. He’s got more gall than a used car salesman trying to push a rust bucket as mint condition.

Ted Lieu’s latest escapade involved parroting some fantastical poll that allegedly promises a Biden re-election and a Democrat-controlled House. Is he consulting horoscope charts for this data, or has he taken a page from Hunter Biden’s recreational handbook? Even Biden’s staunch defenders are scratching their heads, wondering what parallel universe Lieu must inhabit.

The mainstream media, ever the loyal lapdogs, still attempt to gaslight the American public about Joe Biden’s public senior moments. Where they falter, politicians like Lieu come in swinging, armed with bogus polls and hopeless optimism. Ted Lieu apparently believes Democrats are on a crusade for freedom, democracy, and optimism, while portraying Trump loyalists and extreme Republicans as the harbingers of darkness. If there’s comedic relief needed in politics, look no further.

Ask any unbiased polling expert worth their salt, and they’ll tell you that Biden’s approval ratings are deep-sea diving in key swing states. Hispanic men are turning their backs, black voters under 50 are deserting the Democrats, and Muslim communities in the Rust Belt aren’t exactly cheering for Joe. Where young voters once filled the streets with hope during the Obama years, they now greet Biden with lukewarm enthusiasm, if any.

Reality check for Ted Lieu: it’s one thing to gaslight the public, but when you start believing your own outlandish polls, it might be time for a sanity check.

Written by Staff Reports

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