Texas Border Captures More Migrants than Entire Houston Population!

Agents from the five sectors of the Texas-based Border Patrol have labored overtime for the past two fiscal years in order to apprehend more than 2.6 million migrants. Undoubtedly, the number of individuals exceeds 2.6 million! For the sake of providing context, that figure exceeds the total population of Houston, Texas. Undoubtedly, the influx of migrants crossing the frontier has surpassed that of Houston, a metropolis renowned for its lively atmosphere and rodeo activities.

A total of 1,216,501 migrants were apprehended by agents from the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Del Rio, Big Bend, and El Paso Sectors in the most recent fiscal year, an increase from the 1,395,690 migrants apprehended in the preceding year. Over the course of a scant two years, a remarkable 2,612,191 migrants have been apprehended. It is indeed extraordinary, does not it?

The alarming demographics of these migrants shall now be discussed. In addition to Mexico, more than half of the migrants (652,000) originated in the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras the previous year. An additional noteworthy cohort, consisting of 195,811 migrants who embarked on the perilous journey, originated from Venezuela. It is worth mentioning that around 8,000 of them were Chinese immigrants. An crucible in which unauthorized immigration is compared!

Nevertheless, more exists. The rate of increase in the number of migrants entering Texas is unexpectedly accelerating. Last week, Breitbart Texas reported that over 1,800 migrants were apprehended in the Del Rio Sector in less than twenty-four hours. Nevertheless, the Border Patrol categorizes a portion of these migrants as "Special Interest Aliens," which is the real stinger. These individuals are indigenous to countries that have well-established ties to acts of terrorism. Six Iranian nationals, three Lebanese nationals, one Egyptian national, and one Saudi Arabian national were apprehended by the Del Rio Sector over the course of one week. This material cannot be manufactured.

Every individual, we are confronted with an impending catastrophe. A crisis that demands the immediate and sincere attention of our leaders. Adherence to policies that deter unauthorized immigration, uphold border security, and place the well-being and protection of our country as top priorities are imperative. It is time to take action in order to safeguard our magnificent nation.


Written by Staff Reports

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