Texas Defies Biden: Razor Wire Stays, Border Secure!

In a bold display of resistance against the Biden administration, the Texas National Guard has unflinchingly proceeded with the installation of crucial razor wire along the Texas-Mexico border. This defiant move serves as a direct challenge to a recent Supreme Court ruling that favored the Biden administration, allowing Border Patrol agents to remove the wire. Undeterred, the courageous members of the Texas National Guard stand firm.

Republican Representative Clay Higgins, a staunch patriot, fervently encourages Texas to stand its ground and reject the federal government's seemingly unreasonable demands. He goes as far as suggesting that such actions could potentially escalate into a civil conflict. While this may sound extreme to some, it is apparent that the Biden administration's perceived laxity on border security is only fueling more disorder and lawlessness.

The razor wire, a component of Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star, was initially deployed to stem the tide of illegal immigration streaming across the border. Stretching approximately 30 miles near Eagle Pass, it played a vital role in the governor's efforts to safeguard his state. However, the Biden administration, adhering to typical liberal sentiments, opposed the wire, asserting that it impeded Border Patrol agents' duties and violated federal immigration laws.

The Supreme Court's recent narrow 5-4 majority ruling in favor of the Biden administration highlights the intricate relationship between the federal government and the states. Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, and three liberal justices comprised the majority, while Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh dissented, upholding the rule of law. This ruling is undeniably a setback for border security and a triumph for those advocating for open borders.

Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, aptly criticized the ruling, expressing concern that it would only embolden more illegal immigration, placing an even greater burden on hardworking Border Patrol agents. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had previously sued the Biden administration for damaging state property by cutting through the wire. Leaders like Judd and Paxton are commendably standing up against what they perceive as disastrous policies from the Biden administration.

Governor Abbott's approach to the border crisis sharply contrasts with President Biden's. While Biden works to dismantle the progress made by the previous administration and proposes lenient immigration policies, Abbott takes a resolute stand for his state. He deploys law enforcement resources and National Guard troops to the border, initiating a state-funded project to continue building the border wall in Texas. Abbott recognizes the significance of secure borders and protecting American citizens.

The disagreements between Abbott and Biden extend beyond actions to legal battles. Texas is actively involved in multiple lawsuits challenging the Biden administration's perceived reckless immigration policies. The consequences of Biden's perceived weak approach to the border crisis have resulted in chaos and insecurity, leaving states like Texas to address the fallout.


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