Texas Defies Feds with “COME AND TAKE IT” Flag at Border Standoff

The Texas Military Department, proudly displaying its Lone Star State heritage, has boldly flown the historic Gonzales flag with the defiant slogan “COME AND TAKE IT” at its headquarters in the ongoing standoff with the federal government over the border crisis. That’s right, folks! The Texas Military Department is standing firm against the Biden administration’s lackluster approach to enforcing immigration laws and protecting our southern border.

The Texas Army National Guard, Texas Air National Guard, and Texas State Guard, all under the watchful eye of the Texas Military Department, are proudly upholding the spirit of the Texas Revolution with the iconic Gonzales flag. The flag, which symbolizes the unwavering determination of free Texans in their fight against tyranny, harkens back to the historic events of the Texas Revolution when brave Texans defied Mexican Gen. Antonio López de Santa Anna and his dictator-controlled army with the resounding cry of “Come and Take It.”

This isn’t just about historical symbolism, folks. This is about Texas standing strong in the face of unprecedented challenges. Since 2021, the Biden administration’s lax immigration policies have caused an overwhelming surge of illegal immigrants flooding into our great state. But does the federal government step up to the plate to protect our sovereignty? Of course not!

When Texas sought to fortify its border with barriers like razor wire, the Biden administration had the audacity to challenge Texas’s right to defend itself. But Governor Greg Abbott didn’t back down. He accused the feds of reneging on their duty to support the states, and he continued to mobilize state forces to safeguard our border. That’s right, Texas isn’t backing down!

The Texas National Guard has been working tirelessly to repel and deter illegal crossings, and wall construction along the Texas-Mexico border is ongoing. Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling against Texas, the razor wire remains in place, sending a clear message that Texas won’t yield to the federal government’s ineptitude.

But the fight doesn’t end at the border, folks. The Western Journal, a steadfast ally in the battle against the elites and Big Tech, is standing up for America and asking for your support. The America-hating left is relentless, and your help is needed to keep the fight alive. Stand with The Western Journal and stand with America because, together, we will never surrender to those who seek to undermine our values and freedoms.

So, let’s show the world that Texas will not be intimidated, and let’s support The Western Journal in its unwavering commitment to truth and freedom. Because when it comes to defending Texas and the values we hold dear, there’s no room for backing down.

Written by Staff Reports

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