Texas Outmuscles Biden: Border Wire Wins in Court!

As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. But when it comes to illegal immigration, Governor Greg Abbott is proving that everything is bolder in Texas too. The Lone Star State has just scored a huge win in its legal battle against the Biden administration’s attempts to cut through the barbed wire along the Rio Grande. Can you believe the audacity of the feds trying to mess with Texas’s property?

The state had to take its case all the way to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, but they came out on top with an injunction against the federal government. This means that the wire Texas has strung can only be cut in the case of a medical emergency. The court saw right through the Biden administration’s interference in Texas’s border security efforts and said, “Not on our watch.”

You may be wondering why Texas is going to such lengths to keep out illegal immigrants. Well, as Governor Abbott has pointed out, the open-border policies of President Joe Biden have forced the state’s hand. In fact, Texas has even made crossing the border illegally a state crime. It’s about time someone took a stand against the madness happening at the southern border.

But Governor Abbott isn’t just talking the talk, he’s walking the walk too. Texas is in the process of stringing 29 miles of wire along the border as part of a larger plan to deter illegal immigration. And let’s not forget about the new law Abbott signed that would jail illegal immigrants unless they agree to go back to Mexico immediately. Now that’s what you call taking control of the border.

It’s obvious that Texas means business when it comes to protecting its property and the safety of its citizens. The federal government may have tried to throw a wrench in the works, but the Lone Star State isn’t backing down. And with this recent legal victory, it’s clear that Texas won’t let anyone, not even the Biden administration, mess with its border security efforts. Keep it up, Texas. We’re rooting for you!

Written by Staff Reports

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