Texas Shuts Down Southern Border, Defending America While Biden Fails

In a bold and necessary move, Texas authorities have taken matters into their own hands to protect the U.S.-Mexico border. The Biden administration, of course, is crying foul and claiming that Texas is somehow preventing them from accessing part of the border. But let’s be real here, folks. It’s clear that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is the only one taking the crisis at our southern border seriously.

The Texas Department of Public Safety swooped in and seized control of property in the Shelby Park region of Eagle Pass, a hotspot for illegal immigration. And guess what? They’re not letting the federal government interfere with their mission to secure the border. Bravo, Texas! This is what strong leadership looks like, unlike the feeble incompetence we’ve seen from the Biden administration.

According to a court filing by the Justice Department, the Texas National Guard is now preventing Border Patrol agents from entering or policing the area. But can you blame them? The Department of Homeland Security has become a laughingstock under Biden’s watch. They’re more interested in virtue signaling and enforcing arbitrary mask mandates than actually protecting our borders.

It’s no surprise that the Justice Department is up in arms about Texas’s actions. They claim that Texas is escalating measures to block Border Patrol’s ability to patrol and respond to emergencies. But let’s remember who started this tug-of-war. Biden’s open-border policies have invited a flood of illegal immigrants, drugs, and crime into our country. And it’s up to Texas to clean up the mess.

Governor Abbott launched Operation Lone Star last year, an initiative to combat illegal immigration by strengthening Texas’ southern border. From increased patrol guards to physical barriers, Texas is doing what the federal government should have been doing all along. But instead of supporting these efforts, Biden sued Texas for trying to enforce the law and protect its citizens. It’s just another example of his total disregard for the safety and security of American citizens.

The Biden administration even has a separate lawsuit against Texas for using razor wire to deter illegal crossings. Can you believe it? They’d rather let the floodgates open than take any meaningful action to control the chaos. Thank goodness Texas is standing up to this nonsense and fighting back in the Supreme Court. We need leaders who prioritize public safety over virtue signaling.

Since Biden took office, Texas has been hit hard by an influx of illegal immigration. It’s not just a border crisis; it’s a national security crisis. And the fact that House Republicans had to visit the border and reinforce the call for strengthened security speaks volumes about Biden’s failure to tackle the problem. But don’t expect the White House or Biden’s team to respond to these concerns. They’re too busy burying their heads in the sand.

The actions taken by Texas authorities to protect the U.S.-Mexico border should be commended, not criticized. Governor Abbott and the Texas National Guard are showing real leadership and commitment to keeping our country safe. It’s high time the Biden administration takes a page out of their book and starts prioritizing the well-being of American citizens. But don’t hold your breath. As long as Biden remains in charge, it’s clear that the border crisis will only worsen.

Written by Staff Reports

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