The Bidens’ Secret $140M Saudi Deal: What He Knew & When

Legal documents acquired by suggest that Jim Biden, the younger brother of President Biden, was chosen by a US construction company to spearhead clandestine discussions with the Saudi government, owing to his significant ties to the then-Vice President. The documents suggest that the company had faith that the Saudi officials would be less likely to back out of a deal if it was negotiated by the brother of such a powerful political figure.

In 2012, Jim Biden played a role in a settlement worth $140 million that was reached between Hill International and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to a private investigator named Thomas Sullivan, who was formerly a high-ranking official at the US Treasury, Jim disclosed to him that he had been tasked with negotiating with the Saudis because of his position and his connection to Vice President Joe Biden, who was leading diplomatic missions to Saudi Arabia at that time. Sullivan alleges that Jim commented “of course, the [Biden] name didn’t hurt” and his wife Sara added that Joe and his brother “told each other everything.”

The disclosure of Jim Biden’s participation in the negotiations with the Saudi government surfaced as a result of a disagreement between Hill, a US construction company, and their previous legal representatives regarding payment from the Saudis. The Saudi government owes Hill $140 million for desalination plant construction in the Middle East dating back to the 1980s. The negotiations between Hill and the Saudis had been ongoing for several years as part of the “Special Claims Process,” a US government program aimed at resolving the kingdom’s unpaid debts to American businesses.

On July 16, 2017, Thomas Sullivan conducted an interview with Jim Biden at his home in Merion Station, Pennsylvania. During the interview, Sullivan observed that Jim reiterated his previous comment that having the Biden name on his side didn’t harm his efforts. Jim also reportedly informed Sullivan that he had participated in meetings with the Saudi Ministry of Trade in mid-February 2012, where he received the final payment owed to Hill for their work. Jim attributed his involvement in the negotiations to his position and his relationship with his brother. Additionally, Sullivan briefly conversed with Jim’s wife Sara, who cautioned him that “he doesn’t like us talking to people.”

During the period when Republicans were in charge of Congress, they pledged to launch a comprehensive inquiry into potential corruption by members of Biden’s family, including his son Hunter. The discovery of Jim Biden’s role in the Saudi negotiations prompted this investigation. The documents obtained by imply that Jim was selected for this task because the Saudi officials were deemed less likely to back out of a deal with the brother of then-Vice President Joe Biden, owing to his close relationship with the latter.

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