The Chicago Man Who Tried To Abduct A Child Has A Long Criminal History

Gerardo Posadas, 25, was taken into custody by the Chicago Police Department after video surfaced of him attempting to abduct a young girl from her mother the previous week.

At least five times, Posadas has been taken into custody by the Chicago Police Department, with the earliest incident dating all the way back to 2014. Posadas was seen approaching a woman and her kid in a surveillance video from the previous week. According to the authorities, he initially made an offer of $150 to "buy" the young girl.

Posadas made another attempt to remove the girl by grasping her by the hair as the mother continued to resist. The mother grabbed hold of her daughter and was able to get away, while Posadas ran away from the site of the crime.

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According to the records, Posadas was taken into custody for the first time in 2014, when he was 18 years old, on charges of vandalising property. After that, he was taken into custody once more in 2017, this time on allegations of illegal sale or possession of a lethal weapon.

The following time he was taken into custody, he was 23 years old and faced charges of engaging in reckless conduct. In 2021, he was taken into custody for the penultimate time on charges of domestic assault and bodily harm.

Posadas was taken into custody on Friday and charged with multiple counts of aggravated kidnapping. On Monday, the police turned him over to the custody of the Cook County Jail, and he is slated to make his initial court appearance perhaps later on Thursday.

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