The United Kingdom’s Next Prime Minister Will Be Liz Truss

In less than seven years, the United Kingdom will have its fourth different prime minister. After a slew of ministerial resignations and public controversies that surfaced as a result of flouting COVID-19 limitations, Johnson gave in to the pressure from his cabinet and Parliament and resigned from his position as prime minister.

According to Politico, Truss has the support of Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi, Tom Tugendhat, and Mordaunt, all of whom had run for the position of prime minister at one point or another.

According to Yahoo News UK, Truss will take over Johnson's role on Tuesday after the latter travelled to Balmoral in Scotland for a traditional audience with Queen Elizabeth II. Johnson had the audience as part of her duties as prime minister. As a result of a "episodic mobility issue" that prohibited her from travelling, Queen will be seeing a new prime minister for the very first time at a site other than Buckingham Palace. This will be a historic occasion.

As prime minister, one of Truss's top priorities will be to work toward revoking the Northern Ireland Protocol, which was signed as a prerequisite for the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union. Truss will also work to reduce taxes, with the goal of mitigating the impact of soaring energy prices on British households.

The next general election in the United Kingdom will take place no later than December 2024, however it is possible that it will be called earlier.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on WND.

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