TikTok Sues Over Forced Sale Law, Claims No Threat to US Security

In a lawsuit filed by the popular social media platform TikTok and its parent company ByteDance, they challenge a law from Congress that requires them to be sold to a company from a country that is not in conflict with the United States. The lawyers for TikTok argue that this law should be thrown out, pointing to President Joe Biden’s use of the platform during his campaign as evidence to support their case. They claim that the law is based on speculation and lacks solid evidence that TikTok is being used for harmful purposes. The lawyers also argue that there is no proof that TikTok is compromising the security of Americans’ data or spreading propaganda for the Chinese government, despite admitting elsewhere that the company is an asset that the Chinese Communist Party will not allow to be sold.

In their legal petition, TikTok’s lawyers highlight the fact that both President Biden and Members of Congress have continued to maintain campaign accounts on TikTok, even after the law was signed. They point to this as evidence that the platform does not pose a real threat to Americans. However, there are concerns that TikTok’s addiction-spurring algorithm is a major problem, especially because the Chinese Communist Party is refusing to allow the app to be sold as required by the law.

Overall, the lawsuit from TikTok and ByteDance raises serious questions about the law requiring the sale of the social media platform. It appears that TikTok’s biggest challenge is that the Chinese Communist Party is unwilling to let go of the app, emphasizing its importance to the regime in Beijing. This raises national security concerns and puts the spotlight on the Biden administration’s handling of the situation.

Written by Staff Reports

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