Texas Governor Abbott Defies Biden’s Title IX Changes, Upholds Women’s Sports Protections

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent a letter to public universities and colleges in Texas, telling them to ignore the Biden administration’s changes to Title IX. The changes would allow individuals to use their self-identified gender instead of their biological sex. Governor Abbott believes that this change goes against the original purpose of the law, which was to support women’s advancement in sports.

Abbott has made it clear that Texas will not follow President Biden’s directive. He believes that the new rule contradicts the basis of Title IX, which was created under the understanding that there are only two genders: male and female. Abbott has also expressed concerns that President Biden is overstepping his authority by trying to impose leftist beliefs on the next generation.

Abbott has taken steps to ensure the safety and fairness of women’s sports in Texas. He has signed laws that prevent biological males from competing in women’s sports at public universities and colleges, as well as in high school athletics. Abbott is committed to protecting these laws and standing up to President Biden’s attempts to change Title IX and women’s collegiate sports.

The Texas governor has promised to fight against President Biden’s actions and to protect the rights and opportunities of Texas women. Abbott is determined to prevent what he sees as an abuse of authority by the President.

Written by Staff Reports

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