Tilted Kin: Leftists Snub Nuptials, Grab Our Cash Instead!

In a recent question to advice columnist Dear Amy, a mother expressed her frustration with her leftist daughter who refused to invite her conservative uncle to her wedding. Despite this snub, the mother still expected her brother to send a generous wedding gift of $1,000. To her surprise, the conservative uncle did not comply with her expectations and decided not to send a check.

This family dynamic is not an isolated incident. In today’s political climate, fueled by social media, it has become increasingly common for leftists to ostracize conservatives and refuse to engage with them civilly. They prefer to resort to mob-like behavior, screaming and rioting instead of having respectful debates or discussions. It’s a one-sided form of civility that only applies to those who share their worldview.

Everyone has their own story, and I also have mine. I have two nieces who are loyal leftists. One of them is an extreme Bernie Sanders supporter, while the other leans more towards the left but is still committed to leftist ideologies. The latter niece even borrowed money from me to buy a car, knowing that I was the only person in the family who would help her financially. During family gatherings, I always made sure to be respectful by avoiding any political discussions.

However, Bernie Barbie, as I like to call her, constantly posted her political views on Facebook. Every day, she would share her hatred towards Republicans and spew Bernie Sanders nonsense. And let’s not forget the fabricated quotes she would share as well. One day, I kindly pointed out that a Mark Twain quote she posted was not actually from Twain. This innocent correction led to her blocking me on Facebook and running to complain about me to my mother and her sister. Her sister, of course, stood by her side.

Both of my nieces eventually got engaged and were planning their weddings. Surprisingly, neither my wife nor I received an invitation to either of their weddings. My mother, concerned about the situation, asked if I would still consider sending them wedding gifts. My response was a firm no. Why would I send gifts to people who have cut me out of their lives?

Eventually, the niece who borrowed money from me did repay the loan, but it was far from a gracious gesture. I received a check in the mail with a brief note, more like a two-line spreadsheet, detailing the repayment of the principal amount. No interest. No small token of appreciation. Just a cold and impersonal gesture.

I can only assume that both of my nieces still have college loan debt and are probably complaining about conservatives unwilling to pay off their “worthless” English degrees. But since they no longer talk to me, I wouldn’t know for sure. It seems I will forever be known as Mean Uncle Jimmy in their eyes.

It’s disheartening to see how political differences can tear families apart, with leftists refusing to extend basic decency to conservatives. This kind of behavior only perpetuates the divisiveness in our society. It’s important for us conservatives to stand strong and not let their narrow-mindedness dictate how we should be treated. After all, if they don’t want us at their weddings, why should they gladly accept our money?

Written by Staff Reports

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