Disney’s Woke Agenda Tanks Stocks: Leftist Propaganda Backfires!

The Walt Disney Corporation's stock went down today, which has a lot of conservatives saying, "Well, well, well, Disney, it looks like all that leftist propaganda you've been spreading is finally catching up with you!" Financial analysts at KeyBanc gave the company a lower grade because they were worried about how fast it would grow. You see, Disney's theme parks are doing really well, but in the streaming business, they are having a lot of trouble. We'll just say that things don't look good for them.

Brandon Nispel, a market expert, says that attendance at Disney's domestic theme parks is low. This is because Disney chose to celebrate Disneyland's 100th anniversary, while Walt Disney World's attendance is down because of its 50th anniversary celebration. Who would have thought that trying to top your own party would turn out to be a bad idea? But hey, with all their left-wing nonsense, Disney deserved it anyhow.

But Disney isn't doing much better in the online world. Their most popular streaming services, Disney+ and Hulu, haven't been able to get as many new subscribers as they had hoped. In fact, this year alone, Disney+ has lost more than three million members. Even though they were getting more customers, the company recorded a huge financial loss of $1.5 billion for both Hulu and Disney+ in 2022. Ouch!

But that's not all! Disney just said that Max Kellerman, Jeff Van Gundy, and Suzy Kolber, all of whom have been on ESPN for a long time, will be let go. I guess even Disney has realized that their sports coverage, which leans to the left, isn't good enough anymore. And speaking of cuts, CEO Bob Iger said that 7,000 jobs would be cut as part of the company's "transformation." It looks like the awake mouse is finally getting a taste of life.

And as if the problems with streaming and job cuts weren't enough, Disney is also losing a lot of money on its new movies. The company has spent more than $890 million on the last eight movies. When you look at the woke mess they've been putting out, it's not a big surprise. From the fact that Lightyear and Strange World have same-sex couples to the fact that Elemental is about "racism and xenophobia," it's clear that Disney cares more about pushing a liberal cause than making good movies. It's no wonder that so many of these shows fail.

Now that the movies are going to Disney+, these losses could even go over $1 billion. It seems like Disney is letting their titles "die on Disney+" on purpose instead of renting them out to other streaming services to make more money. Maybe they shouldn't have gone all-in on woke material so quickly.

Disney is in trouble overall, and Republicans couldn't be happy about it. It's about time they stopped making movies that cost more than $200 million. Maybe this will be a wake-up call for Disney to stop pushing their radical cause and start making entertainment that everyone can enjoy. But if you know Disney, you know that they'll probably do more of the same woke silliness. Good departure!

Written by Staff Reports

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