UAW Slams Brakes on Biden Support: Electric Vehicle Agenda Killing American Jobs

In a surprising twist, the United Auto Workers (UAW), the largest industry union in the country, has decided to put the brakes on their support for President Biden. The reason? The Biden administration’s relentless drive towards electric vehicles, which is jeopardizing American auto industry jobs.

UAW President Shawn Fain wasted no time in letting his union members know of this decision by penning an internal memo. In it, Fain made it crystal clear that the UAW would refrain from endorsing Joe Biden’s re-election bid unless he commits to safeguarding the livelihoods of hardworking auto industry workers. It’s refreshing to see a union stand up for its members and demand accountability from our nation’s leaders.

The automotive industry has been trying to navigate the treacherous waters of transitioning to electric vehicles while keeping costs under control. Unfortunately, this has often resulted in job cuts in both the electric and gas-powered vehicle sectors. As much as we want to embrace the future of electric vehicles, we cannot deny the painful reality that these investments have proven to be money pits in the short term. The UAW recognizes this and rightly demands assurances from the administration.

To add insult to injury, Ford Motor recently announced layoffs of at least 1,000 salaried workers in North America. The reason? Soaring costs associated with building electric vehicles. In fact, Ford is projected to lose a staggering $3 billion in operating profit this year alone due to their foray into the electric vehicle market. It’s clear that the Biden administration’s radical green energy mandates are putting American jobs on the chopping block.

Speaking of mandates, the Biden administration has set ambitious goals to increase electric vehicle sales tenfold over the next decade. While it’s admirable to tackle environmental challenges, it should not come at the expense of American jobs. Yet, just last week, the Department of Energy announced a jaw-dropping $9.2 million loan to Ford Motor for their electric vehicle battery production. Is this how the Biden administration plans to protect workers? By funding a race to the bottom with taxpayer dollars?

UAW President Fain raised a valid point when he exclaimed, “These companies are extremely profitable and will continue to make money hand over fist whether they’re selling combustion engines or EVs. Yet the workers get a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. Why is Joe Biden’s administration facilitating this corporate greed with taxpayer money?” Fain knows that we should prioritize our workers over corporate interests, and it’s refreshing to see a union leader take a stand against such egregious misuse of public funds.

In the 2020 election, the 400,000-member UAW enthusiastically leaped aboard the Biden train. However, their current stance shows that unions are not blind followers of partisan politics. They demand results and policies that protect their members’ jobs and futures. It’s time for the Biden administration to start listening to the concerns of hardworking Americans rather than blindly pushing an electric vehicle agenda that risks leaving countless families behind.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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