Top Biden Donors Revolt, Demand New Candidate Amid Debate Fallout and Health Concerns

It looks like the Biden campaign has a real mess on its hands. Things got a little “North Korean” in their recent calls with top donors, where the campaign insisted Joe Biden is in tip-top shape and dismissed any concerns about his mental health. This laughable defense came after Biden’s train wreck of a debate on June 27, which left many scratching their heads and wondering if the old man even knows he’s running for re-election.

The pressure on Biden to drop out of the race isn’t just coming from armchair pundits—his own mega-donors are playing hardball. Among them is Abigail Disney, the Disney heiress, who has essentially told the Democratic Party that their piggy bank is closed until they put someone else at the top of the ticket. Biden has refused to budge, a move that’s likely causing more Democratic donor meetings to feel like awkward family Thanksgiving dinners.

Abigail Disney’s bombshell to CNBC was that she was stopping her financial support unless Biden took a bow and exited the stage left. She claims this isn’t about disrespect but about realism, stressing that Biden’s continued candidacy is a surefire way to hand the election to the other team. Desperation is in the air, folks. When even the Democrats’ rich kids are revolting, you know the ship is sinking.

The Democratic Party is visibly fracturing. Congressional Democrats are biting their nails; Democratic governors are reluctantly backing Biden, and a significant chunk of Democratic voters are sticking by him, at least for now. But with top donors pulling their checkbooks, the infighting is reaching a fever pitch. It’s starting to look like 1968 all over again, with internal squabbling threatening to tear the party apart. Adding insult to injury, the once-firm Obama coalition is splintering, especially among black voters and young people who are drifting away faster than rats from a sinking ship.

What’s more, Biden’s wear-and-tear is on full display. After especially long days, the President himself admitted to Democratic governors that he needed to sleep more and work less. You can’t make this stuff up. Meanwhile, the cover of The Economist is giving plenty of ammo to the meme-makers with a feature called “Walk Force One,” indicating that even the magazines are finding Biden an easy target. Biden’s path to re-election is as shaky as a Jenga tower at this point. Don’t expect the fiasco to end anytime soon.

Written by Staff Reports

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