Top Dem Betrays Women’s Sports In Bill Maher Appearance

In a recent episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” Democrat Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif) has shown her true colors as an enemy of women’s sports. Porter “strongly” disagreed with pro-swimmer Riley Gaines, who stood up for herself and other female athletes after being attacked and barricaded in a room for nearly three hours by a mob of unruly transgender activists.

Porter tried to pivot the discussion towards the Bud Light controversy that features a transgender male on the can and Georgia’s voter laws, but Piers Morgan, who was also on the panel, wouldn’t let Porter change the subject. Morgan asked, “But what has she [Gaines] said that is actually wrong?” Porter fumbled and tried to save face by claiming that Gaines was only speaking up for herself.

Morgan put Porter in her place, stating that Gaines had done nothing wrong and that standing up for herself and other women should not be condemned. Gaines’ actions were a righteous defense of women’s rights, fairness, and equality. “It cannot be fair,” Morgan added, referring to Gaines’ competition with Lia Thomas, a transgender male allowed to compete in women’s sports. Lia Thomas won one of the races in the NCAA championships by 50 seconds against a bunch of biological females who simply couldn’t keep up.

Morgan continued to applaud Gaines’ courage for using her free speech to speak up for female athletes worldwide. Gaines reminded everyone that women’s sports have long been a place of empowerment, inspiring young girls everywhere to pursue excellence and athleticism. Porter’s attempts to silence her are an affront to the very values that women’s sports embody.

When it comes to women’s sports, the woke, politically correct crowd likes to lecture us on acceptance and inclusion. But what about women’s right to compete on an even playing field and maintain fair competition? We appreciate the bold actions of Riley Gaines and hope that more women athletes will join her in defending the sanctity of women’s sports. As for Rep. Porter, she should be ashamed of herself for siding with the leftist mob instead of standing up for the rights of female athletes, which she was voted to do.

Written by Staff Reports

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