Tim Scott SLAMS Democrat Leader For Bashing Black Conservatives

Republican senator Tim Scott had some strong words for Democrat Representative Hakeem Jeffries after he was exposed for making derogatory remarks about black conservatives. In fact, it was revealed that Jeffries, who is black, targeted black conservatives in a 30-year-old article he wrote back in his college days. The article, which resurfaced, has drawn widespread criticism from those who value freedom of speech and individual thoughts.

Speaking to Fox News, Senator Scott likened Jeffries’ comments as horrendous lies that truly belie his own inadequacies. He also took issue with Jeffries’ use of the ideology of the power structure to elevate himself and his fellow democrats to positions that were historically reserved for whites.

In the article, Jeffries claimed that black conservatives’ political agenda is not designed to contribute to the upliftment of their people. Instead, he alleged, their agenda serves to support the white power structure. Yet, as Scott pointed out, these statements are offensive to many African-Americans who believe their leaders have started to adopt divisive rhetoric that only makes matters worse.

It remains to be seen whether Jeffries will take ownership of his past mistakes, or continue to steer the conversation away from his misstep. Whatever the outcome, it is clear that many on the political right have grown tired of the divisive rhetoric and are ready to move forward with a more inclusive message – one that prioritizes individual thoughts and celebrates differing perspectives.

Written by Staff Reports

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