Truckers Boycott NYC in Solidarity with Trump, Halt Shipments!

It looks like some big rig drivers are putting the brakes on their deliveries to the Big Apple. These truckers aren’t too happy after former President Trump got hit with a hefty fine and had his business dealings in New York State put on pause. And they’re not just tapping the brakes, they’re slamming on them and refusing to transport anything in and out of New York City.

One trucker, who goes by “Chicago Ray,” took to social media to rally his fellow drivers, declaring that they ain’t gonna be hauling goods to NYC anymore. He claims that he and a bunch of his trucker buddies are on board with sitting out any New York City deliveries, putting up a big ol’ roadblock for the folks in NYC looking to get their stuff.

And it’s not just Chicago Ray. Another driver, known as “American Trucker,” is also hopping on the bandwagon, showing support for the boycott. Even more truckers are joining the ranks, with “The Disrespected Trucker” vowing not to make a single delivery to New York. The trucker rebellion is in full swing!

The truckers are steaming mad about the court ruling that put the kibosh on Trump’s business dealings in New York. They’re rallying behind the former president, proclaiming their support for Trump and their disdain for the leftists causing all this fuss. They’re not holding back, with one trucker cursing up a storm and lashing out at those mucking around with Trump.

But the truckers are standing firm, saying they won’t budge on their decision not to truck anything into New York City. And guess what? Even Trump himself is giving a shoutout to the trucker protest, sharing the video of Chicago Ray’s rallying cry on social media.

Looks like the truckers are drawing a line in the asphalt, and they’re not budging. It’s a bumpy road ahead for anyone looking to ship things in and out of the city that never sleeps.

Written by Staff Reports

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