Truckers Revolt! Rolling Thunder Against Biden’s Border Blunders

It comes as no surprise that four years into his presidency, Joe Biden has fallen short of his pledge to secure the southern border. However, there is cause for optimism, as citizens of the United States are assuming active measures to denounce the administration's inaction regarding unauthorized immigration.

A enormous truckers' convoy has been declared by Representative Keith Self (R-TX) along multiple southern border routes as a demonstration against the president's open border policies. The "Take Our Border Back" convoy, which is scheduled to commence on January 29 and conclude on February 3, will traverse Eagle Pass, Texas, Yuma, Arizona, and San Ysidro, California en route. Truckers hailing from various regions across the nation, including Florida, are gathering in order to express their opinions unequivocally.

Truck drivers are uniting in support of "We the People!" through this grassroots initiative to reclaim our borders. The "Take Our Border Back Convoy" leaflet audibly denounced the Biden Administration's breach of their constitutional obligation to safeguard American citizens against invasion. Furthermore, their purpose is not mere honking of sirens; they possess well-defined objectives.

Priority number one is public education regarding Biden's precipitation of the border crisis. Their objective is to convey to local, state, and federal governments in a forceful manner the profound devastation that has been caused by this crisis throughout the United States. In addition, they demand that measures be taken regarding deportations and border closures, as they have had enough.

Eagle Pass has issued a state of emergency at the southern border in response to the deluge of U.S.-Mexico border crossings that have become their responsibility. With more than 2.5 million encounters at the southern border as the fiscal year concluded in September 2023, the figures obliterated all previous records. Illegal immigrants in Eagle Pass have surpassed Texas border agents by a ratio of one to two hundred, resulting in a capacity overrun of a staggering 260 percent. A staggering 4,500 cases are pending before each judge in the backlog for proceedings on illegal immigrants; furthermore, cases are scheduled years in advance. This means that while awaiting court dates, illegal aliens are permitted to remain in the United States for years, taking advantage of the benevolence of American citizens.

The detrimental effects of President Biden's border policies on American citizens are manifest; they are not merely ineffective. The Take Our Border Back Convoy serves as a poignant testament to the determination of the American people to not tolerate the infringement upon our sovereignty. Action must be taken immediately to protect our nation from the negative effects of unchecked illegal immigration and to secure our borders.

Written by Staff Reports

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