Ex-Obama Aide Suggests Biden Stay Hidden, Citing ‘Something Wrong’

CNN commentator Van Jones has made a surprising suggestion for Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign strategy. Jones recommended that the president should go back to his “limited-carbon-footprint” campaign style from 2020, where Biden mostly stayed hidden in his basement and let his acolytes do the talking. Jones argued that Biden is “uninspiring” and “fragile,” and not a great messenger for himself.

However, Jones did give a backhanded compliment to Biden, praising his handling of the economy. Despite the ongoing cost-of-living crisis caused by Democrat’s big-spending legislation and lack of support for domestic energy independence, Jones claimed that Biden has done a “tremendous job” for the economy.

Jones did admit that Biden is not up to the job of campaigning, saying, “There’s something wrong with this campaign where we are somehow expecting Joe Biden…to just somehow come out and be Flash Gordon and save his own campaign.” He suggested that those benefiting from the Biden economy should take the lead and speak for him.

It’s clear that there are concerns about Biden’s electability and his cognitive abilities. A New York Times/Siena College poll found that a majority of registered voters believe Biden is too old and lacks mental sharpness. Many Democrats and members of the media have even suggested that Biden should retire at the end of his term.

With rumors swirling about a potential replacement for Biden at the Democratic convention, it seems that even Van Jones and his colleagues on the left are aware of the president’s fragility. Jones warned that the GOP is “not afraid” to run against Biden, suggesting that Trump’s strength and resilience are a reflection of Biden’s weakness.

Overall, it seems that Van Jones is painting a picture of a president who needs to hide, let others do the talking, and hope for the best in the 2024 election. Whether Biden will take this advice or not remains to be seen.


Written by Staff Reports

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