Truckers Shift Gears in Trump Solidarity Boycott Against NYC

Former President Donald Trump’s supporters, the truckers, are taking a stand against New York City’s unjust treatment of their beloved leader. A judge in Manhattan slapped Trump and his business partners with a hefty $364 million fine in a business dispute instigated by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Outraged by this blatant attack, the truckers are calling for a boycott that could bring the Big Apple to its knees.

“Chicago Ray,” a prominent figure within the trucker community, revealed that many drivers have pledged to cease deliveries to New York City in protest. His sentiments were echoed by other truckers, including Jennifer Hernandez, who emphasized that the boycott was not meant to harm New Yorkers, but rather to send a powerful message.

Their frustration has resonated far and wide, with their viral video gaining traction and winning the approval of none other than President Trump himself. The Commander-in-Chief took to Truth Social to express his gratitude for the outpouring of support from the truckers, affirming his commitment to the cause.

It’s evident that these patriotic truckers are not toying around, standing firm in their conviction to defend their leader, President Trump, and protect their livelihoods. The fearless stance taken by these hardworking Americans serves as a stark reminder of the unwavering support for Trump and the consequences of crossing his loyal base. New York City better brace itself for the repercussions of its actions against the former President.

Written by Staff Reports

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