Trump Advises GOP: Take a Stand, ‘Shut It Down’ Now!

Former President Donald Trump used his Truth Social platform to weigh in on the impending government shutdown. Trump criticized congressional Republicans for their past efforts to stop President Biden’s agenda, stating that they “lost big” on the debt ceiling and got nothing. He asserted that whoever is the president will be blamed for the shutdown, suggesting Joe Biden may face blame.

Trump’s statement aligns with a recent poll that found 40 percent of Americans would mostly blame Biden and Democrats for a shutdown, while 33 percent would blame congressional Republicans. Trump also accused the Democrats of destroying the country and advised House Republicans to use a shutdown to achieve their funding goals. He then took a swipe at Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, calling him the weakest, dumbest, and most conflicted leader in Senate history, and called for new Republican leadership in the Senate.

Congress remains on recess due to Yom Kippur, but they have limited time to avert a shutdown when they return. Last week, Republican attempts to pass rules for debating spending bills in the House failed, indicating a challenging week ahead.

Written by Staff Reports

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