Trump Advises Greene to Hold Fire on Ousting Speaker Johnson

Donald Trump had a talk with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene over the weekend, advising her to cool it on her plan to try to kick Speaker Mike Johnson out of his job. Trump has been saying publicly that he supports Johnson and doesn’t want anyone trying to kick him out. But on Steve Bannon’s podcast, Greene said she’s his biggest supporter in Washington and hinted at her talk with Trump, saying she doesn’t go around talking about her conversations with him.

Rep. Ryan Zinke confirmed that Greene and Trump did have a long phone call, saying Trump told Greene not to go too far with her plan. Trump wants to keep Republicans united for the November election and told Johnson he has his back.

On Tuesday, Johnson and Greene are set to talk about cutting funds for special counsel Jack Smith, which could lead to a government shutdown right before the election. Some Republicans worry that Greene’s actions could hurt her politically and cause problems with Trump. But Trump’s friends say he doesn’t see her efforts as disloyal.

There are concerns that Johnson might be pushed into making special deals with Greene, rather than working with everyone in the Republican group. Johnson says he often talks with other Republicans but insists it’s not about making deals.

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