Trump and Biden Face Off in Epic Nomination Duel

On Tuesday, it’s showdown time for President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, as they battle it out for their party’s nomination. Trump is on a mission to secure the Republican nomination by snagging the majority of the 161 delegates up for grabs in Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Washington. But alas, the polls in Mississippi and Georgia will close before those in Washington, and that just won’t cut it for Trump. Nope, he’s going to need to clinch Washington to seal the deal.

Now, don’t go thinking Nikki Haley, who called it quits on her campaign last week, will be the one to rain on Trump’s parade. Nope, it’s the pesky slow vote counting history in Washington that could pose a threat. Just look back at the 2022 primary race when only half the vote was tallied up by 1 a.m. EDT. Talk about dragging it out! And to top it off, Washington’s polls close way later than those in Georgia and Mississippi. It’s like waiting for your dessert to finally arrive at the restaurant – pure torture!

Meanwhile, with Haley out of the picture and no major opposition in sight after Rep. Dean Phillips dropped out, both Biden and Trump are expected to come out on top in Washington. However, Biden’s not off the hook just yet. The Evergreen State has some “uncommitted” business brewing. You see, there’s this protest vote stirring up trouble, especially aimed at Biden’s support for Israel in its clash with Hamas. And this isn’t just some little ripple in the water – it’s making waves in Hawaii, Michigan, and Minnesota too, nabbing some delegates along the way.

Rami al Kabra, a Palestinian American City Council member near Seattle, spilled the tea to the New York Times, saying some Democrats are tossing their mail-in ballots in protest. Yep, that’s right! And after the “uncommitted” vote started gaining momentum in their state, they’re calling for those ballots back. “It gives them hope that they can make an impact and let the president and party hear their voice,” Kabra said. “The snowball is growing.” You could say it’s like a snowball slowly rolling downhill – picking up speed and getting bigger by the second.

And as if that isn’t enough drama for one day, Delaware and Florida decided to cancel their Democratic primaries, handing over all their delegates to Biden. So, now Biden’s got to pull in 40% of the vote in Washington to lock in the Democratic nomination on Tuesday. It’s a real nail-biter, folks!

Written by Staff Reports

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