Trump and Carlson Break Boundaries in Unfiltered Sit-Down!

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, former President Donald Trump covered a wide range of topics, providing insight and humor along the way. Trump started off by explaining his decision not to attend the Republican presidential candidates debate, citing his significant lead in the polls. He also mentioned that there were individuals, like Asa Hutchinson and Chris Christie, who he believed did not belong there. Trump even revealed that Christie had once asked for a job in his administration, but he turned him down due to a lack of trust.

During the interview, Carlson raised the issue of Jeffrey Epstein, asking Trump whether he believed Epstein was murdered or committed suicide. Trump chose not to give a definitive answer, but he did suggest that murder was a possibility and criticized former Attorney General Bill Barr for not properly investigating Epstein’s death. Moving on to foreign affairs, Trump expressed his disapproval of the Russia-Ukraine War and stated that if he were still President, Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine. Trump vowed to bring a swift end to the war if elected in 2024.

China and North Korea also came up in the conversation, with Trump claiming that he prevented a nuclear war with North Korea during his presidency. He also raised concerns about China’s growing influence, pointing out its military installations in Cuba and control over the Panama Canal. Trump confidently stated that China would retreat from Cuba if he were to return to office. Another target of Trump’s criticism was Joe Biden, whom he described as mentally and physically feeble. When asked about potential Democratic nominees if Biden doesn’t run for re-election, Trump dismissed the possibility of Kamala Harris and suggested that Gavin Newsom could be a strong contender.

The interview also delved into government bureaucracy, particularly in environmental areas. Trump argued that banning gasoline-powered vehicles and imposing flow restrictors on water-using appliances put American manufacturers at a disadvantage and burdened consumers unnecessarily. Addressing border security, Trump emphasized that sealing the southern border would be his top priority if he were to be elected again. He also touched on the events of January 6, but evaded Carlson’s direct question about whether he feared for his life.

Overall, the interview provided Trump with the platform to express his thoughts and views at length. While some may prefer a more confrontational interviewing style, Carlson’s minimalistic approach allowed Trump to be the center of attention. Given the immense popularity of the interview, with over 79 million views on X (formerly Twitter), it’s clear that people are eager to hear directly from Trump himself.

Written by Staff Reports

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