Trump Backs Greene but Urges GOP Focus on Battling Radical Left

Former President Donald Trump showed support for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Wednesday, but also advised that Republicans need to focus on fighting against the actions of the Radical Left Democrats. He expressed his admiration for Greene’s determination and spirit but emphasized the importance of unity within the GOP.

Mr. Trump mentioned that the timing was not right for the GOP to vote on a motion to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson, as it could lead to disunity within the party. He praised Johnson as a hardworking and good man, and called for Republicans to stand together in supporting their party.

While Mr. Trump’s message of support for Greene went up after her attempt to remove Mr. Johnson failed, he had been quietly suggesting to her to abandon her efforts. Despite his advice, the motion was ultimately defeated in the House, with only a small number of Republicans voting against Mr. Johnson.

House Speaker Mike Johnson expressed his hope for an end to the personal attacks and political drama that have been prevalent in Congress. He urged for a return to a better and more respectful manner of conducting political affairs.

The outcome of the vote to defeat Greene’s motion was a significant defeat for her and those who supported her efforts. Mr. Trump’s public support for Greene and his advice for GOP unity may influence the future actions and decisions within the Republican Party.

Written by Staff Reports

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