Trump calls out CNN moderator as “nasty person” during town hall clash

Former President Donald Trump once again found himself at odds with CNN during a town hall appearance moderated by White House correspondent Kaitlin Collins. Trump was discussing the federal investigation into his handling of classified documents when Collins interrupted him multiple times. Trump responded by pointing out President Biden’s similar cases with classified documents found at multiple low-security locations.

But Collins wouldn’t let the comparison stand, interjecting with a defense of Biden’s actions. Trump grew increasingly annoyed at the interruptions, and Collins pushed back by asking him a straightforward question. Trump responded sarcastically, “Are you ready, can I talk? Do you mind?,” leading Collins to press her point even further.

This prompted the former President to call her out in front of the live audience, saying, “Its very simple to answer…you know you are a nasty person, I’ll tell ya!” Collins has a reputation for sparring with the former President, and Trump’s choice to appear on CNN as opposed to friendlier networks suggests he was prepared for a contentious discussion.

Many social media users were quick to criticize Collins’ conduct during the town hall, citing her adversarial tone towards the former President. They also raised concerns about the perceived lack of objectivity shown by CNN in selecting Collins as the moderator.

“In a serious country, Kaitlin Collins would be serving cocktails at a second-rate casino,” said Revolver News founder Darren Beattie. Conservative commentator Sebastian Gorka echoed similar concerns, arguing that having Collins moderate the town hall was as problematic as Fox News’s choice to fire Tucker Carlson.

Once again, CNN proves it’s more interested in pushing its political agenda than conducting fair and balanced reporting. It’s no wonder why more and more viewers are turning to unbiased news sources for their information.

Written by Staff Reports

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