Trump Case on Hold: Dems’ 2024 Plans Foiled?

In a major blow to special counsel Jack Smith’s plans, a judge has put the so-called election interference case against former President Donald Trump on hold indefinitely. It looks like Smith’s dream of convicting Trump before the 2024 general election may be slipping away.


Let’s take a step back and understand what’s happening here. Smith claims that Trump committed crimes when he tried to challenge the 2020 presidential election results. But Trump, being the tough guy he is, has pleaded not guilty and accused Smith of running interference for President Joe Biden.

One of the main reasons for the hold on the case is that an appellate court is currently deciding whether Trump is immune from prosecution under the doctrine of presidential immunity. Now, let’s be real here, folks. Trump has been shouting from the rooftops about this immunity for a while. While the doctrine generally protects presidents from prosecution for actions taken while in office, it’s still unclear if it applies to Trump’s situation. So, we have to wait and see what the appellate court says.

But wait, there’s more! Even when the appellate court makes a decision, you can bet your bottom dollar that the losing side, whether it’s Smith or Trump, will appeal to the Supreme Court. That means we could be looking at a long waiting game before the trial resumes at the district court level. Heck, it might even get delayed until after the 2024 presidential election. Talk about frustrating Smith’s plans!

Now, let me tell you about the stakes involved. Both sides are racing against the clock. Trump, with his four indictments and 91 felony counts, is hoping to push his criminal cases back while he leads the pack in the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. On the other hand, Smith and his team want to prosecute Trump this year before the November election rolls around. If Trump wins while the case is ongoing, he could order the Justice Department to drop it or even try to pardon himself. It’s a high-stakes game of political chess, my friends.

So, what does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Well, there’s a realistic chance that Trump’s first trial will be the one happening in New York, which legal experts say is the weakest case against him. This would be a massive blow to Biden, Smith, and the Democrats who are fervently hoping for a conviction to tarnish Trump’s chances for the 2024 election.

All we can do now is wait, folks. The wheels of justice turn slowly, especially when politics is involved. So, grab your popcorn and get comfortable because this is going to be a wild ride!

Written by Staff Reports

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