Trump Charges to Texas: Full Support to Thwart Invasion!

Republicans across the country are showing their support for Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to continue deploying concertina wire along the U.S. border with Mexico, despite a Supreme Court ruling against it. The Republican Governors Association and former President Donald Trump have both issued statements encouraging Abbott to protect the state’s sovereignty.

In an email titled “Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States,” Trump criticizes President Joe Biden for surrendering the border and allowing a massive invasion of illegal migrants. He praises Texas for invoking the Invasion Clause of the Constitution and calls on other state governors to deploy National Guard troops to assist in border protection.


Trump also promises a different approach if he is re-elected, stating that he will work with Governor Abbott and other border states to stop the invasion, seal the border, and carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in history.

The Republican Governors Association, with the exception of Abbott himself and one other governor, has issued a statement in support of Texas. They criticize the Biden administration for leaving the country vulnerable to illegal immigration and attacking Texas for taking action to protect American citizens.

Texas Representative Chip Roy likens the situation to a homeowner defending their house against a break-in. He argues that when faced with immediate danger, you defend yourself first and figure out the legalities later.

Overall, Republicans are rallying behind Governor Abbott and calling for strong measures to secure the border and protect the sovereignty of the states and the nation. They criticize the Biden administration for failing to enforce immigration laws and allowing mass parole of illegal migrants. With appeals to the Constitution and references to the urgent need for self-defense, Republicans are showing their unwavering support for Texas.

Written by Staff Reports

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