Dem Shock: Governor Slips Up, Demands ‘10% Ready’ for Biden

In another addition to the list of Biden 2024 gaffes, Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers had an epic Freudian slip when he said that he was “the last speaker before the Big Guy comes out.” Oh, how the tables have turned! The liberal elites love to accuse us conservatives of making up stories to discredit the politicians we dislike, but it seems like they’re the ones providing us with the evidence.

During an event in Wisconsin, where Biden was trying to boost his numbers in the swing state, Gov. Evers took the podium to hype up the audience for Sleepy Joe’s appearance. Instead of using flattering words, Evers referred to Biden as “the Big Guy.” Awkward! I bet Evers is going to have some uncomfortable conversations later.

Now, let’s dive into the significance of this slip-up. As you may know, the Department of Justice is currently conducting impeachment inquiries regarding Hunter Biden and his shady dealings. According to unearthed emails, there is evidence that President Biden was involved in Hunter’s influence-peddling schemes and foreign business dealings. One email even mentioned that “10 percent was held for the ‘Big Guy.'” Hmm, interesting.

An op-ed in The Wall Street Journal further confirmed the association between President Biden and the mysterious “Big Guy.” It seems that Joe knew about his family cashing in on his name and willingly participated in the schemes. And guess what? In every instance, it’s been alleged that President Biden received 10 percent of the money. So, it’s no wonder calling him “the Big Guy” might raise some eyebrows.

Of course, we can’t say for certain if Gov. Evers was aware of Biden’s alleged money laundering scheme, but the optics of the situation are not great. People on X, formerly known as Twitter, wasted no time making the connection and joking about getting the 10 percent ready. It’s just another embarrassing gaffe to add to the Biden collection, right up there with Jill Biden standing in front of a “Hunter High” sign. The administration sure knows how to distract from their own scandals.

But let’s be real, foresight and self-awareness have never been the president’s strong suits. It’s just par for the course with this administration. So, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by Gov. Evers’ slip-up. After all, they say the truth slips out when you least expect it.

Written by Staff Reports

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