Trump Cheers Kennedy’s VP Pick as Biden’s Downfall

In a surprising turn of events, former President Trump has expressed his delight at the selection of Nicole Shanahan as the running mate for independent candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The controversial decision by the left-wing candidate has been lauded by Trump as a major win for the “MAGA” movement. Trump emphasized that Kennedy’s radical left-leaning views and pro-Green New Deal stance make him the ideal candidate to siphon votes from President Biden.

The former president took to Truth Social, a platform he recently endorsed, to voice his approval of Kennedy’s choice, making it clear that he believes the independent candidate will take votes away from Biden and significantly benefit the Republican party.

Conservatives across the board have chimed in to support Trump’s sentiments, echoing the belief that Shanahan’s far-left affiliations pose a “major red flag for commonsense independents and centrist voters.” Leading conservative voices, such as Charlie Kirk, Richard Grenell, and Dinesh D’Souza, have rallied behind the idea that Kennedy’s selection of Shanahan as his running mate will undeniably impact the upcoming election, largely to the detriment of President Biden.

Notably, it has been suggested by Fox News’s Jesse Watters that Shanahan’s considerable financial support played a pivotal role in her selection as Kennedy’s running mate. Watters emphasized that Shanahan’s wealth would be instrumental in securing access to ballots as an independent candidate, further bolstering the belief that Kennedy’s candidacy is poised to affect the electoral landscape.

In light of these developments, it has become increasingly evident that the decision to incorporate Shanahan into the independent ticket has garnered significant attention and analysis within conservative circles. It remains to be seen how this alliance will impact the upcoming presidential race, but one thing is for certain: the addition of Shanahan to Kennedy’s campaign has sparked fervent discussion and anticipation within the political arena.

Written by Staff Reports

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