Trump Crushes Biden by 20 Points, America’s Most Respected Leader Revealed

In a surprising turn of events, a recent survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that former President Donald Trump is still the most respected leader in the United States, trumping Joe Biden by a colossal 20-point margin. The survey, which asked 749 likely voters to name the leader they respect the most, showcased Trump’s dominance with a whopping 42 percent of the vote, leaving Sleepy Joe in the dust with a mere 21 percent. Even former President Obama trailed behind Trump with just 17 percent. And don’t even get started on Hillary, who scraped by with a measly 2 percent.

But here’s where things get really interesting – a staggering 28 percent of black voters declared Trump as their most respected leader, compared to only 25 percent for Biden. That’s right, folks, Trump pummels Biden in this category by a solid three points. Even among Democrats, a surprising 13 percent threw their support behind Trump, surpassing Bernie Sanders’ lackluster 8 percent. And if that wasn’t wild enough, a whopping 75 percent of Republicans picked Trump as their top leader, a stark contrast to Biden’s lackluster 43 percent among Democrats.

To top it all off, independent voters also jumped on the Trump train, with 39 percent choosing Trump as their most respected leader. Biden didn’t even snag second place among independents – that honor went to Obama, with a modest 17 percent. Biden lagged behind at a meager 13 percent. Trump even outperformed both Obama and Biden combined when it came to independents.

If that wasn’t enough, another poll from the far-left NBC also showed that voters are looking back on Trump’s presidency with a newfound fondness. The poll found that a substantial 40 percent believed Trump’s administration exceeded their expectations, while a paltry 29 percent thought it fell short. In contrast, only 14 percent felt that Biden’s administration surpassed their expectations, while a whopping 42 percent believed it failed to meet their hopes. With independent voters, Trump outshined Biden once again, with 38 percent stating that Trump’s administration fared better than expected, compared to a dismal 6 percent for Biden.

So, what does this all mean? Well, according to the results and some good ol’ common sense, it’s looking like Trump is in a prime position for the upcoming presidential race. The numbers don’t lie, and they’re all pointing to a triumphant return for the one and only Donald J. Trump. So, buckle up, folks, because it looks like the Trump train is steaming ahead at full speed. And if you act now, you might just snag a FREE autographed bookplate with a purchase of John Nolte’s debut novel, “Borrowed Time.” Because what’s more American than an autographed book and some good old partisan news?

Written by Staff Reports

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