Trump: DeSantis Had ‘Tears Coming Down His Eyes’ Begging For Endorsement

During an interview this week, Trump claimed that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis asked him for an endorsement during the 2018 primary election. The former president noted that DeSantis was crying as he asked for an endorsement.

During an interview with Hugh Hewitt on Thursday, Trump launched another unprovoked assault on the 44-year old governor of Georgia. He also criticized other potential presidential candidates such as Mike Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State.

According to Trump, DeSantis was running for governor and was about to drop out of the race when he approached him and asked for an endorsement. He then claimed that he warned the former governor that he would have a hard time winning the election.

Trump noted that DeSantis cried when he asked for an endorsement. He said that the former governor was one of the 150 prominent individuals who appeared on television programs during the past couple of years. He then claimed that he would not endorse him unless he knew Adam Putnam.

Trump has repeatedly stated that DeSantis is a very disloyal person for considering running for president in the 2024 election.

Despite being widely considered as a potential White House candidate, DeSantis has not engaged with Trump. A recent poll conducted in New Hampshire revealed that he leads the president by a wide margin.

Trump has also criticized the actions of DeSantis, including the way he handled the situation regarding the outbreak of COVID.

This week, DeSantis dismissed the criticism of his actions by saying that he is not affected by the attacks. He noted that his main focus is on serving the residents of Florida.

The criticism aimed at DeSantis over his handling of the COVID situation was surprising since he was an early critic of the vaccine mandates and mask policies.

When asked about the attacks, DeSantis said that it has been happening for a long time. He noted that as an elected official, he has to make various decisions. He said that it is beneficial to have the ability to make these decisions during a crisis.

The former governor noted that the people can still make their own decisions regarding his actions. He was also able to win his re-election bid. He said that he was able to receive the highest percentage of votes during his time in office.

According to DeSantis, he was able to win the election by a margin of over 1.5 million votes. He noted that this was the largest margin that any governor candidate had ever secured in Florida.

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